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Phi Ta Khon festival

Phi Ta Khon festival is held in Dan Sai district in Loei , located north east of Thailand is a festival that happens in 7 months , which is usually held over three days in a period between March and July was held in the dates. chosen to be held each year by the city . The merit of this tradition is called . Boon Luang divided by the Phi Ta Khon Festival , Bun Bang Fai . And the triumph of merit (or I feel the abyss ) .

Ghost Dance was originally called ghost people is a festival that has been influenced by the Great Jataka . In the Buddhist Jataka That the Vessantara And she Mazzy To travel out of the woods back to the capital. The wild animals include animists , living in the wild. Has come out with a desperate .

The first day is the Phi Ta Khon Festival . Which is known today as the day students ( one home ) will be drawn over the area between the river UPAKUD in engagement with the river reeds . The second day of the festival will be a ceremony to worship the fireballs . With a variety of costumes . Including competitive dance and parade. During the third and final day, the villagers are the sermons . Ghost Dance has also been used as a symbol. The team nickname Football clubs City as well

And traditions are still believed. For people who play or have dressed up as the Ghost Dance . To remove the Ghost Dance costumes out and throw them in the river sterile. Do not bring home The left misery and things go bad . And wait until next year so I do play well.